Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Royal Princess in Cabo San Lucas Part II

Hello from our second day in Cabo San Lucas!

Today wasn't actually a full day as the last tender was at noon. We had tenders running through the night, but there was a lot of confusion about exactly how often they were running. Crew were under the impression if anyone (passengers included) were off the ship at 2am they wouldn't be able to get back until morning. Yet we also heard they were running every half hour every night. So who knows?We did hear them ever so often throughout the night, and boy was it a loud-loud-loud crowd coming back onboard. More than a few obviously had a great day (and night and morning) filled with some tasty libations.
Ship tenders, AKA orange party boats
The Patter did tell us the frequency of tenders/water shuttles would increase again at 7 am and by the looks of it, they were right on. We had five ship tenders and another three local tenders waiting just a bit before 7. 
For us, today was another stay-on-the-ship cruise with great morning and daytime views.
Such a beautiful sunrise
Not a shabby breakfast view, either
Before we left Cabo, I saw something in the water. This picture was taken almost straight down over the top of it from our cabin on deck 12. I saw it from several angles and although from this angle it looks like a dolphin it definitely was not a dolphin.

I want to mention a few things about this ship I haven't gotten around to yet.
  • I've said this before, but the Royal Princess has the friendliest crew onboard. And they want things to be right. For example, last night I grabbed a steak off the buffet for dinner. Once I cut into it, I thought I heard a moo. (Or maybe it was the wild crowd onshore in Cabo?) Just kidding, but the meat was raw. Like cold raw.
I got up from the table to go get a new one and someone stopped me and asked me if I needed anything. I explained about the steak issue. But I didn't have to take care of it myself - someone else went and got me a new one. Replaced it with a nice, hot, juicy steak. Oh so yummy!
  • The inconsistencies of service from cabin stewards across the Princess fleet continues, but this time it has swung wildly towards the good side. We have a great cabin steward who keeps our ice bucket full, prioritizes our cabin to be cleaned right away, and keeps things clean. Next cruise we are heading down the hallway but I'm not sure if we'll have the same guy or not so I may see another swing yet the other way. Or maybe not.
  • I turned in my free Elite minutes for the MedallionNet unlimited package. The WiFi here in Mexico is definitely an improvement over what we saw during our five weeks on this ship in Alaska.
  • Since this was a short cruise there was no Captain's Circle Party so we got the free drink coupons like we did last week on the Golden Princess. 
  • We went to the Good Spirits at Sea thingy tonight. It happens in the Piazza bar on deck 5 during certain times of the evening. It is described as, "the place where every drink is an experience and every drink tells a story. Indulge as our unique cocktails and the craftsmanship of our mixologist immerse you into the extraordinary culture of your chosen destination." Well, I'm not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean but I can tell you what we saw. A special menu is available only during those set hours. 
A bartender wears a headset and talks to the crowd while a camera films the drinks he makes. But only the drinks on the special menu.
If there are no people ordering the special drinks you either get to watch a blank screen or snippets of the Good Spirits TV show. That's it. That's all. We didn't see (and hear about) more than a couple drinks before we decided to give up.
Last sea day tomorrow.