Wednesday, June 25, 2014

He Rolls His Eyes

Hubby has been rolling his eyes at me lately. A lot.

Much of it has to do with me reading about excursions I want - and will be able - to take in Alaska someday. Float plane sightseeing. Helicopter glacier trek. Dogsledding on a glacier. A trip above the Arctic Circle to see the Arctic Ocean. See the Northern Lights.

It also has to do with this adventure thing I have burning inside me. Every time we watch TV or see something or hear about something usually my first response is, "I want to do that!" Or, "I want to go there!" Hubby is getting tired just hearing about all the places I want to go and things I want to do. His idea of vacation is being plopped in front of the TV watching sports. And my idea(s)? My list gets longer everyday.

How about visiting, in no particular order of priority...
Greenland. Iceland. Norway. Macchu Picchu. Panama Canal. Newfoundland. Nova Scotia. Easter Island. Antarctica. Fiji. Bora Bora. Australia. Scotland. Ireland. Dubai. New Zealand. Switzerland. Greece.

And those are only my top few. No wonder he rolls his eyes!

Part of the allure of traveling is the excitement of learning new things. Like what I found out today at the Anchorage airport. I noticed a very long line of men, 50 or so, with only one woman in the group, waiting to board a plane. The line was straight as could be, something unusual at an airport.Then I noticed this sign. (I waited until everyone was gone to take the picture. Scooter and I would have been a bit out of place in that group!)

So I looked into it more. ConocoPhillips and BP run their own airline, with their own pilots and flight attendants, for their workers who travel between Anchorage, Fairbanks, and the North Slope. How many ConocoPhillips and BP and their contract workers travel on their airplanes in Alaska each month? How about over 20,000?! I never knew, and never would have, if it weren't for my need for travel.