Sunday, June 15, 2014


NSV = Non-Scale Victory

It's a term I've noticed people use on weight loss message boards. It represents that thing that's related to weight loss but not necessarily about the scale. And I had an NSV today at 6:00 AM.

When taking my seat on the commuter jet bound for Portland this morning, I asked for a seat belt extender. It has been common practice for me to either bring my own or ask to borrow. But this morning in the few seconds between me asking for an extender and the flight attendant digging it out, I'd already taken care of the problem.

I fastened the seat belt. In this small airplane with small seats and small seat belts, I found that the standard seat belt fit around me for the first time I can remember. NSV.

As for why I'm in Portland, Oregon that's a story for another day. It may have been raining most all day, but hubby and I were able to get a super-early checkin (thank you Residence Inn) and been enjoying just relaxing in our hotel room. The rain did stop long enough for me to snap a picture of beautiful rhododendrons in bloom.