Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 779

How much can one person take?

Despite my repeated declarations to the contrary, I've had to start back on the pain pills. Can't believe I crossed back over that line. I also have to get a shot today - in my rump - that is supposed to help with pain.

When I lifted those big, heavy boxes for the post office the other day I forgot something. Part of the recovery instructions from the cardiac catherization was to limit my lifting to three pounds. Oops. Now I'm paying for the oversight. The ache from the elbow to the wrist is not pleasant.

The soonest I can get into the doctor to discuss my pulmonary function tests is Wednesday. So more days of keeping still, more days of not being able to breathe.

Today is my chemotherapy drug day. Which means the next few days will have me feeling even worse than usual.

And the cherry on top for the day? I'm writing this from the rheumatologist's office. It's infusion day. Happy flippin' Friday.