Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 762

I'm naming today "Take it off my hands Tuesday".

Despite all the fabric piled in the bedroom at our Boise house and the hundreds of sewing patterns at our Marsing house, it's probably hard to believe I'm downsizing. But I am. Things have gone to my daughter, my mom, Idaho Youth Ranch, the garbage, recycling, and eBay. (You can find my eBay stuff HERE if you're interested.)

But now I'm hoping some of the books I'm clearing out might go to you. For free. Well, sorta free. I'll send them your way for just the cost of postage. I'm going to be putting pictures of the books on the blog, and if you see something you want, let me know. I'm more than happy to have you part of "Take it off my hands Tuesday".

You'll want to check back everyday because there will also be:
"Win It Wednesday" - the day I pay for the postage.
"Thank goodness it's yours and not mine Thursday"
"From my house to your house Friday"
"Sending it your way Saturday"
"Something for you Sunday""
"Mailing it to you Monday"

First up, a pack of three books with those who still have teens around. (Glad it's not me!)
And a pack of three books for those who might be thinking about a home business...
If you're interested in either stack, let me know at my debzdays at yahoo.com email and we can work out postage details.

Something else you can take off my hands? A cat on sewing machine watch. Aw, never mind. I think I'll keep her.