Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 546

I finally found an interesting non-food picture. It's probably good enough to turn into one of those Mystery Monday pictures I used to do.

In fact, I used to do a lot of things. Mystery Monday, Tutorial Tuesday, Win It Wednesday. I used to visit other blogs and quilting websites and post comments and pictures and videos. I used to get lots of readers and visitors because of all that, but I've been ignoring all of those things for quite some time. I'm thinking I need to get back to the tutorials at some point. Maybe. Just not yet.

I just as soon stick with my charity sewing instead. I have some quilts to work on but right now I'm still sewing all those Christmas scraps into strips which will be turned into stockings for Stockings for Soldiers.

But today my picture is the best part of my day. Any ideas?