Friday, July 15, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - For Only a Moment

Several years ago when I was in Santa Barbara I picked up this postcard. I have it hanging right next to my computer as a reminder to appreciate the goods things in life, as those good things don't always last. 

Even having fun little foster kitties around won't last, either. Denali has already hit his target weight and McKinley is coming up fast behind him. These two little ones won't be with me much longer and will be heading to the adoption floor - and into their furever homes - very soon. 

This week they got ready by showing off their big girl and big boy please-adopt-me poses.

Want to know about Alaska? My girl McKinley learned about bears at Katmai National Park - in Alaska, of course - and is ready to tell her new parents all about it.

If you need a tailor, my boy Denali knows how to sew.

Denali also decided to get involved in the pattern designing process by hijacking the bowl I was using for a project. Sorry, he doesn't do dishes.

And as soon as I kicked him out and turned around Ms. McKinley decided to get involved as well. Sorry, she doesn't do dishes either.

These two are the bestest of buds and are excited to be part of a new family. Hopefully they’ll get to go together.

Yep, they are just about ready!

Friday, July 8, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - Brother From Another Mother

I think I've mentioned this before, but my Alaskan foster kitties aren't really brother and sister. Denali and McKinley were found abandoned in two different places on the same day. 

But I'm raising them as if they are related, and by the amount of time they spend playing together (every minute of every day), the love they have for each other (A lot. Like a lot, lot), and the similar expressions on their faces (cute as can be), it's pretty obvious they are a brother from another mother and a sister from another mister.

We belong together, don't you think?
Like looking in a mirror. Sort of.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - The Best of Times

As a foster kitten parent who frequently raises the youngest and most at risk bottle baby kitties, I can tell you from experience times can be tough. Fostering is not all unicorns and rainbows. There will be kittens who are too sick and weak to make it and pass away on your watch, like my foster Hercules and his brother. Others may appear to be healthy like one of the kitties in this litter but unexpectedly get very sick very fast, and despite you providing all the loving, warmth, baby kitty formula, and glucose you can, won't make it through. Then there are all those viruses and bacterial infections kittens suffer from that'll have you cleaning up things coming out of both ends. You'll find yourself giving medicine in mouths, eyes, and bums. (Remember fierce little Beth who had to be wrapped like a burrito for her eye medicine?) Wiping noses, cleaning out eyes, and running humidifiers are not all that unusual. And ringworm kittens like my Duck Tales where you are changing clothes a dozen times a day (with as much cleaning and laundry you'll be doing it'll feel like a dozen more) is not fun at all.

And even if everyone is healthy and strong, the tiniest of the bottle babies start out needing feedings every two hours. Round the clock, day and night like McKinley and Denali back in May. Have to help them go to the bathroom, and it's not in the litter box. 

But as foster kittens get weaned, start using the litter box independently, and gain more strength, the weeks get better and better. Now that these little ones have passed the two pound mark, we are in the best of times.

Personalities pop out. 
McKinley is like the toddler who fights going to sleep.
We call her the free spirit.
Denali is the softest and snuggliest little boy.
But maybe a little crosseyed sometimes.

Leaping and jumping are frequent. 
Tryouts for the track team. Hurdles look to be his sport.
Free spirit McKinley thinks leapfrog should be a track and field event.

A lot of the day is spent running and chasing and catching toys. I think the fish won this battle.

Let's not forget all the time they spend wrestling with each other. All. Day. Long. These two are definitely best friends and partners in crime.
And partners in what looks like synchronized swimming.

As a foster parent it's weeks like these where you can relax just a bit and enjoy the kittens. Let them entertain you (which they do) and love on you (which they do) and know in your heart you (and they) are doing just fine. 

Yep, the best of times.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Americana Star and Heart Ornaments - DIY Holiday Sewing Project Tutorial

Today we're learning how to make these DIY Americana heart and star ornaments. With pinked edges, it's a project that goes together pretty darn fast so you'll have a tree full of red, white, and blue hanging stuffed stars and hearts in no time at all. These cute little shaped ornaments are a nice handmade project for Christmas, the 4th of July, patriotic holidays, or for all year 'round as part of your farmhouse or country home decor. 

stuffed fabric Americana star and red, white, and blue Christmas tree heart ornaments
For this project you will need:
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Otherwise join us as we learn to make the Americana ornaments in the step by step tutorial:

Sunday, June 26, 2022

How to Make a Fabric Coffee Cup Bunting - Fun DIY Project for Coffee Bar

Today we are learning how to make a fabric bunting full of tall to-go coffee cups. With pinked edges, these decorative cups are a quick way to decorate your space. It's a cute DIY coffee cup sewing project you can use for a coffee station or coffee bar, and would be a nice handmade gift for a coffee lover. 

fabric coffee cup bunting, tall to-go mug hanging garland
For this project you will need:
• Fabric for the cups
• Fabric for hanging ribbon
 Iron and ironing board

Disclosure: Deb's Days is a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you new sewing and crafting content.

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Fabric gnome bunting banner hanging garland

Otherwise join us as we make the to-go cup bunting in the step by step tutorial!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - The Week of Potential Failure

There is always one week in my foster kittens' lives that it happens. The week I almost become a failure. A foster failure. (Foster fail is the lighthearted term for when the foster "fails" by deciding to adopt the animals themselves instead of getting them ready for someone else to adopt.)

It happened with Cami and Sami, my first bottle babies.
It happened with the ringworm Duck Tales. 
Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
With the board gamers. 
Domino, Checkers, and Yahtzee
With the Yellowstone Crew. 
Beth, Dutton, Kaycee, Monica, and Rip
It happened with the Simon and Garfunkel kittens. 
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme
Happened with the Breakfast Club. 
Buttermilk, Flapjack, Shortstack, Crepe, Cupcake and Mama Sienna.
And of course with the Wild West Gang. 
Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill, and Wyatt Earp 
Especially Wyatt Earp. Boy, I was oh-so-close to keeping Wyatt Earp, my foster kitten born missing his back feet.
So it's no surprise that we've hit the almost-a-foster-failure week with Denali and McKinley. 
Free spirit McKinley
and the hold-me-like-a-baby Denali
make it hard to not keep them forever and ever (and ever). 

But I have to stop myself and think about the big picture. The more kittens I let go in and out of my home, the more families I’m able to touch, and the more kittens I can help give a good life. Yes, it'll be hard to let them go (as usual!) but it's the right thing to do. 

Thankfully I still have more time to love on these two and be entertained by their antics. 
Who knew packaging paper could be so fun?
And envious of their ability to sleep just about anywhere.
Not too worried about getting caught with the
stolen piece of carpet, are they?

No foster fail in this house this week. But next week, who knows?