Tuesday, April 27, 2021

How to Make a Decorative Vaccine Card Holder for a Couple - Tutorial Tuesday

A couple weeks back we made a vaccination record card holder for just one card, but for today's Tutorial Tuesday we are making one that holds two cards. It's an even easier sewing project than the one-card holder! Whether you are needing to show proof of vaccination for travel, work, or school or want to store your vaccine record cards in your safe, this handmade vaccine two-record cover is a decorative and stylish way to keep them protected.

Vaccination Record Card Holder Sewing Pattern for Two People
For this project you will need:
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Vaccination Record Card Holder Sewing Pattern

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Otherwise, you can find the step by step how to video for the 2 person vaccination card holder right here:

Friday, April 23, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - Follow the Leader

While I await new foster kittens I'm prepping some photos and videos for Simply Cats and Idaho Gives. Sorting through all my digital files of the kitties I've had over the years I'm reminded of one of the cutest kitten videos I ever made. The Yellowstone Crew - Beth, Dutton, Rip, Kaycee, and Monica - made their way from their popup pen to the couch. By way of a blanket-covered barstool bridge.