Saturday, June 9, 2018

Golden Princess Resources

If you want to know anything else about the Golden Princess or have any questions about cruising or Princess Cruises, just ask. \

Disembarking a Cruise Ship

It's Cruise Ship Saturday! Today we're talking about disembarkation.

The morning you leave the ship - disembark - can be hectic. It's not like just checking out of a hotel room so remember to read the paperwork delivered to your cabin beforehand. It tells you everything you need to know.

Here is a sample of the info-packed paperwork from a recent cruise. The link in Google docs can be found HERE.

Remember to:
  • Pack your patience along with your carry-on.
  • Keep medications and documentation with you.
  • Remove items from the safe.
  • Be out of the cabin when requested.
  • Enjoy the last of the cruise ship meals.
  • Wait in a nice location before going to the assigned lounge.
  • Have your cruise card ready for scanning.
  • Collect your luggage in the terminal.
  • Have passports ready for customs.
  • Be on time for arranged transportation and allow plenty of time to get to the airport.
And then start planning for your next cruise!

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Friday 15

15 more of my cake decorating things are leaving me. Kind of sad.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


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There aren't many things I think are requirements for cruising. With only paperwork, a passport, medications, a clean pair of undies, and some deodorant anyone could survive on a cruise. (But you’ll probably be more comfortable with more.)

But there are a couple things that I think are requirements:

A plastic sleeve to hold the cruise ship luggage tag. I've been through a couple and the ones with the grommets at the top last much longer. We primarily sail Princess and these fit our tags perfectly.

And the next necessity is a set of packing cubes. We only travel with one suitcase between the two of us so it is important that we fit as much into that suitcase as possible. We wouldn't be able to do it without these packing cubes. You'd be surprised at how much you can fit in these things. They even make it easy for unpacking. Actually, it's more like not unpacking - we just unzip them, fold back the top, and leave them in the drawers. Super duper easy and convenient. We've used the eBags brand for quite a while and they haven't had as much as a rip or broken zipper. Easy to wash and easy to use!

We use multiple sizes and we each have our own colors (me-pink, hubby-green). They have a ton of colors and sizes to choose from.

Looking for more cruising information? 
Take a look at what else you can find here at Deb's Days!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, Canada

It's Wanderlust Wednesday! Today we're talking about the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver.

If you're scared of heights, the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada is probably not somewhere you want to spend much time. Why?

It's 450 feet across.
 It's 230 feet off the ground.

And it moves. And shakes and shimmies. 

If you are afraid of heights you really won't want to make your way to the Cliffwalk. It clings to the cliff walls.
But even more heart-pounding are the places where it juts out from the cliff walls.
 Don't look down. It's a long way to the bottom.
 But if you can manage it, it will be an exhilarating visit!