Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 918

Good thing for phones with Internet access. The power has been out for a long stretch tonight (from the big storm that passed through, I imagine) and I have no computer and no wireless. But thank you phone (and rain) for giving me this picture to share. Taken with the phone, blog posted with the phone. Technology CAN be used for a good purpose.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 917

What do you think I kept repeating today?

I can do this...I can do this...I can do this... OR

I can't do this...I can't do this...I can't do this...

Both answers are correct. It changed throughout the day, even changed within a few seconds of each other depending on the task at hand. The task at hand being walking, that is. I'm about to give up and just make the scooter a 24/7 way of life. But I haven't given up yet. Hence today's pictures.

Just roses from the garden. Because of you, Linda, I am appreciating the beauty in my backyard.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 916

It's hard to get out of bed.
It's hard to get dressed.
It's next to impossible to get shoes on.
Walking is a chore. Breathing is a chore. Moving is a chore.
Thinking is muddled.
The knee is shot. The lungs are shot. The whole body is shot.

I'm tired of dragging myself around, pulling myself through the day. Despite the numerous times I rubbed the tattoo, you can live deep and suck out all the marrow of life... you can live deep and suck out all the marrow of life and the repetition - sometimes aloud of  I choose joy today...I choose joy today. it didn't change things. So what's left? Put a smile on my face and be ever-so-thankful for those around me. Thankful for my boss who is so understanding (I know you're reading this). And thankful for daughter and future son-in-law for the work they did in our gardens today.

They turned this:
into this:

And this:
 into this:
And this:
into this:
Thank heaven for little girls and for the guys who want to marry them!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 915

So I guess I didn't think this Facebook thing through all the way. I've made sure not to have ads (with the exception of my book) on the blog. If Facebook means I have to have ads on it I may need to pass on it. A question for those with Facebook experience- is there a way to block them?

Speaking of advertising...did you notice a new book cover up at the top right of this page? The Living Life One Picture at a Time book? The plan is to use the first 365 days of the blog and turn it into a book. A book about surviving, inspiring, service to others. I'm not quite sure what the marketing slant will be, but it'll reflect what happened to me when I started taking a picture every day. I'm hoping to get the Kindle version up in the next month as soon as I get the tedious job of editing it out of the way.

And speaking of tedious...can you imagine how tedious grocery shop would be with these kinds of shoes on? I never take pictures of strangers but these shoes in the grocery store made an impression on me. Impressed on me to never own shoes like these. (Apologies to anyone who does.)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 914

Welcome to the new look of my blog. You can tell something is up. It is.

I've made a decision. 86 days left. The blog stops at 1000 days.

When I first started here my goal was to get through a day. Hopefully string enough of those days to get to an entire year. And I did - and then some. And then some more. But it's about time for it to end.

My daughter wants me to try out Facebook. So I guess when 1000 days rolls around - I think that'll be right before Thanksgiving - I'll be making the shift.

Not yet though. I've got lots more to prove to myself before then.

Like being able to do for others with the completion of a colorful quilt top for a little girl in Alaska.