Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 429

I thought I'd already taken the last one. But I didn't.

When I headed to the grocery store this morning it was 62 degrees. When I arrived back home a couple hours later it was 45 degrees and windy. It's what happened in between that made me take it.

As I left the house I saw a wall of black clouds moving in. As I drove down the highway I considered stopping and taking a picture. I told myself a real photographer would stop. But I'm not a real photographer so I didn't.

When I got out of the store the wind had kicked up and clouds were swirling. I saw I had a message from my husband about the weather. He advised me to not to drive home yet, but also let me know I missed capturing a great picture of all the pea sized hail covering everything.

When I finally got home I figured the weather would have passed and there would be no record of the strong storm that rolled through the area. I didn't even get out of the car before I realized there was proof of the storm.

My poor tulips. They were so tall and proud just three days ago when I thought I was done taking pictures of them. (And just to think these tulips are under a tree. I'm sure if they were out in the open they would have been totally obliterated.) At least now they look like irises.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 428

Bless her heart, my little gal. After we cleaned up some vegetable beds and planted some seeds yesterday I had to head to school. Little missy took it upon herself to keep working on the weeds. When I came home I was shocked/surprised/excited at the work she had done. We now have only one bed left to clean up and then we can plant our tomatoes and peppers from the high school's greenhouse.


We picked up our plants we had growing there. Whereas last year we had a few dozen plants to put into the ground, this year isn't looking the same. The plants we planted this year were, uhmm... lost and/or moved and/or misplaced and/or sold and/or who knows what. And, uhmm...the plants we received aren't even the varieties we planted.

We have three big beds set aside for all those dozens of plants from the greenhouse. But now we have a change of plans. We can either let those plants have lots and lots of extra growing room or we can go buy some plants. With as many veggies we use each day I'm going for the latter.
Couple weeks ago
After kiddo's work

Plants. Just not ours.