Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Big Test

This week has been the first part my big test, the one my husband is supervising and the one we together are grading. The questions were simple, yet oh-so-difficult:

  • Can I navigate airports, hotels, and city sidewalks, wheeling luggage alongside me as I drive my mobility scooter? 
  • Can I manage myself in and out of a taxi, and in and out of restaurants and shops?
  • Will I ask for assistance wherever and whenever needed?
  • Can I make make my way out and about and around a cruise ship? 
  • Will I be able to travel for months this summer - on my scooter - on a solo overseas adventure? 
While hubby is along with me on this trip to keep an eye on me, I have been already able to successfully complete some of the tasks by myself in just the first couple days. But the big last question still remains unanswered. By the time this two week long adventure is over hopefully I will have proved myself and pass the entire test with flying colors.

Yep, I’m back to cruising (what better place to prove myself, right?!) and have the best picture of the day to show it. Today I found myself sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge while the Love Boat theme played on the ship's horn. 

If I get a view like this from my cabin's balcony I’ll be happy to take a test everyday! (Shh, don’t tell hubby.)
See you tomorrow from the Pacific Ocean!