Friday, June 10, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - Bananaaa

As a high school teacher for almost 30 years, my husband has had to tell many a joke to get teenagers interested and engaged in learning. Now that he's retired I'm the one who gets to listen to all his jokes, new and old, funny or not. Sometimes I don't even realize he's attempting to be comedic because what he comes up with requires a bit of thinking to figure out. Take this week for example.

This was the week McKinley and Denali started on gruel. Gruel is a mixture of kitten formula, jarred baby food, and canned cat food and is the beginning of the weaning process. All those every-2-hour 'round the clock feedings are long gone (whew!) and the babes are moving onto some good stuff. 

It starts with bottle feeding the gruel.

McKinley was quite shocked by what came out of the bottle.
Then comes trying to eat it from my finger and then off a spoon.
McKinley's on her way! Denali only watches.
Next up, move the spoon to the saucer.
You go, girl!
Then the food gets a little thicker. And the girl gets a little messier as she steps all up in it...
Yep, all in!
while Denali only continues to look on.
Whatcha doin' sis?
I haven't quite gotten him past the bottled gruel stage yet but he'll get there.
Like my gruel mustache?
 At least he's cleaning up after himself!

All this gruel talk leads back to the teacher/comedian husband of mine. When I'd say the word gruel this week - and it was a lot - he would say:

"I'll be Kevin!"
"Bee-do! Bee-do! Bee-do!"
"I'm Bob!"
Or sing "Ba ba ba ba ba nana, ba ba ba ba ba nana, banannaaaa" 

What the heck do any of these things have to do with gruel? Let's follow hubby's thought process...
Kevin, Bob, and Stuart are all Minions.
Minions say Ba-na-naa and sing a Bananaa song.
One of the other Minions is a firefighter with a megaphone saying saying Bee-do, bee-do, Bee-do.
Minions are in the Minions movie and in Despicable Me. 
Which star a character named Gru.
Gru = Gruel.

Mic drop.