Friday, November 20, 2020

Foster Friday

It has been another wild week in the Wild West Foster household. Actually, now that I think about it, it hasn't been so wild. Mama Kate is a chill cat and is setting the tone for the house. Babies want to eat? Play? Clean? All at the same time? She's up for it.

She doesn't even mind too much when they choose a saucer of gruel over her. Break time for Mama!
But like all kitties, they are wildly playful. Where last week most of their play was wrestling, this week they've progressed to the climbing and jumping phase. And, of course, the cute phase.
Wild Bill
Calamity Jane
Annie Oakley
Wyatt Earp

It has been a fun week with all of them. I again have a video on Wyatt, the little guy missing his two back paws. He's been working on exploring his space this week, so be sure to check out his adventures.

See you back here again next week for another Foster Friday!