Friday, October 9, 2020

Foster Kitten Friday

This week's episode of Yellowstone, the Foster Kitten Edition, is called When I Grow Up.

With brother Rip headed off to his new forever home, the girls are now anxious to get their turn.  Since they aren’t quite big enough to be adopted yet, we instead had some conversations about what they want to be when they grow up. Each little gal shared with me her thoughts - and pictures. 

Beth. Beth tells me she’s been watching enough Dr. Phil to get a good grasp on what is required to open up her own psychology practice.

She already has her first patient. As Dr. Phil says, “Today is going to be a changing day in your life.”
Dutton. Dutton has decided she’s going to star in her own reality show. She’s calling it From Hisser to Kisser. She has experience in that department. When she came to us last month she was a hisser and a scratcher and a lunger. She even had to be wrapped tightly to get eye medicine in.
But Dutton has moved from that hisser to now a kisser. A lover of loves and snuggles and backs of foster parents recliners.
Kaycee. Kaycee is torn between two careers. On one hand she’d really like to be a massage therapist with a focus on backs, necks, and shoulders.
Then on the other hand, she’d really like a career cutting hair. She's particularly strong at both washing and styling.

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Monica. Monica is planning on going to Boise State, majoring in Sports Medicine.
She might be getting a full ride scholarship for the Women's basketball team. Just look at that vertical leap!
Lucky me getting to spend my days with such great kitties with such great life plans!