Friday, September 18, 2020

Foster Friday

This week's episode of Yellowstone the Kitty Edition is called Follow the Leader because they pretty much stuck to each other like glue. 

Work together to ask foster mama to open up the two room tent so we can have our supervised play on the couch? Yep.
But how will we get to the couch? We have a new bridge! You just have to watch this video of them to find out how they make it work.
Whew, made it! So now we can play together on the couch? Yep.
Can we learn to use the cat tree? Yep.
How about pose for pictures? As actors we all need head shots, ya know? You betcha.
They also tried out all the new fleece blankets I made. If you'd like to make some of your own, I have the no-sew tutorial coming up on Tuesday.
Yep, it was another week of cute kittens all around.

Come back next Friday when one of the cast members has some exciting news to share with us. And come back for more cute kitten pictures, of course.