Monday, December 2, 2019

Colombo, Sri Lanka

I love days full of new sights, sounds, and learnings.
Ever see a sunrise over Sri Lanka? You sure have.
Remember yesterday I wrote there was a lady who wasn’t going to get off the ship today because there was nothing worth seeing? Well, I’m glad she stayed back and left it all for us. Our early morning city tour in Colombo, Sri Lanka was great. We had heard so many things ahead of time – things we were glad hadn’t deterred us.

Be ready for a country opposite of what you’ve experienced so far. 
It sure was and we saw so much that was new. Temples and churches and buddas.
Buildings and businesses and green spaces.
Like the laundromat sign?
And the people. So interesting to watch.
The sign said saloon but by looking at the picture in the corner I think it meant salon.
The cleanliness you saw on the streets of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Muscat will not exist in Sri Lanka. 
While the streets were not spotless, they weren’t left trashy either. There were workers all around the city cleaning up. 
Look at the brooms they were using.
Plan on toilet paper to be absent from restrooms and for them to not be Western style. 
We made a couple stops. I used the ones in the hotel where we had a little snack. Restrooms there were immaculate. And Western-styled.
Look at the beautiful entryway of the Kingsbury hotel. Those are real roses.
Nervous Nellies will not want to sit near the front of the buses or transportation or tours because of the way the drivers will be driving
We had a great driver. But yes, the traffic was crazy. Cars and buses and tuk tuk drivers all going in all different directions.
Plenty of tuk-tuk drivers waiting outside the port gates.
Air conditioning in the transportation – Princess tours included - may take quite some time to cool things down, so expect to be hot and sticky and wet.
The air conditioning worked great and we didn’t get overheated at all.

Weather forecast calls for 89 degrees, high humidity, and a 100% chance of rain, most likely from intermittent downpours. 
Not during our early morning tour. It was a beautiful, comfortable day.

We had a grand time. I’m glad grumpy-pants lady stayed behind and we didn’t.

Tomorrow we have another sea day. Then another one after that and another after that. Three sea days in a row before our next port. Like I mentioned yesterday, the Internet in the southern hemisphere is painfully slow. While I’ll be writing the blog each day, it may not let me post it. But if I can, I will. (I was actually surprised when I checked my phone today and saw that yesterday’s post had made it. I thought it was lost in space somewhere.) So if you don’t hear from me for three days, I should be able to get them posted once we hit Kuala Lumpur. (Gotta love it when your cellular network allows you to use your phone as a hot spot no matter what country you’re in. Now if they could just make it work at sea that way!)