Friday, March 29, 2019

Last, Last Minute Plans? Oh, Yeah.

This past week it has been spring break here, and although we had originally planned on going a cruise, it just didn't work out. On the eve of the day I was about to cancel (and incur some cancellation fees) we received word (thanks, V!) that the cruise was oversold and they were looking for volunteers to shift to another cruise. Get a new cruise for free and all receive all our money back from our original cruise? Yes, please.

So it left us at home doing not much of anything. Actually, that's not exactly true. Between college basketball and Major League Baseball starting their season hubby has been glued to the TV. He's a big sports fan and a huge (like a really, really, huge) baseball fan. And that's what started these new plans in motion. Like, just a few days ago. Talk about last minute!

*It started with trying to get him to a major league baseball game that would fit around the classes I teach with Community Education and at the library. Didn't want to have to reschedule any of his doctor appointments, either.
*Which led to tickets to a San Diego Padres game on an afternoon in April.
*Which led us to finding out the Grand Princess will be in port on the same day we will be at the game.
*With the ship having a long, full day port stop in San Diego.
*With a ship having our favorite bartender and an assistant waiter who calls us his "parents" on it.
*Where the bartender will be on his last cruise before going back home and our assistant waiter "son" heading back home a couple weeks later.

So we were excited we might get to see our guys one last time during their contracts. Which got us to thinking...why not just take that cruise?

But it was sold out. Oh, well.

But then a couple days later that sold-out cruise on the Grand had a few inside cabins left - at nicely discounted prices - with cruise line airfare to San Francisco half the price of what we would pay to get to San Diego.

The stars aligned for us and we headed off to San Francisco today.
A beautiful day to be in the air
We'll stay the night and then our last, last, minute California Coastal cruise will be coming up tomorrow. As usual, I'll be reporting live from the ship. Stayed tuned.

And as usual, I also spent some time printing and cutting and gluing
to get ready for this trip. Yep, I'm still working on the
Encouraging Words Project.