Saturday, March 10, 2018

Safety at Sea

It's Cruise Ship Saturday! Today we're talking about Safety at Sea.

“You're never perfectly safe. No human being on Earth ever is or ever was. To live is to risk your life, your heart, everything.” 
― Rick Yancey, The Last Star

Every time I hear about another person falling overboard from a cruise ship I think one thing. Stupid people. While sometimes the waters are rough, they aren't rough enough to throw you overboard. Still, you do have to be careful when on a ship.

Remember, you are on a moving vessel. Stabilization systems reduce the movement felt but do not eliminate it entirely. Walking is relatively easy when the ship is gently rocking but becomes much more difficult when the ship is really rocking. Watch your balance and be prepared to grab a handrail. Most certainly hold onto handrails when using the stairs during rough seas and be very careful when walking on wet decks. Even with rubber soled shoes a moving ship can be slippery. Being docked in port is no guarantee of absolute safety on deck. As careful as I am about walking I still slipped and fell on my bum after a rainstorm - while the ship was docked.

Other things unique to a cruise ship:
  • Raised thresholds are everywhere. At the cabin bathroom and ship restrooms, at the doors to the exterior of the ship, at a cabin’s balcony, and at the fireproof doors in the hallways. Be extra careful crossing the thresholds as they may require a higher step.
  • Cruise ship railings are 48” high. You can’t accidentally fall over with a railing that height unless you really try. Never sit on the side rails of the ship and don’t hold anyone, including children, up there either.
  • Cruise ships have cameras everywhere. Unless you are inside the cabin you are probably being filmed. So be good.
Excerpt from Cruising with Confidence, 2nd Edition.

Seeing a view like this is worth the small risk.