Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How to Organize and Store Fabrics on Comic Book Boards - Tutorial Tuesday

It's Tutorial Tuesday and today we're talking about comic book boards. And fabric.
Organizing and Storing Fabrics by Wrapping them on Comic Book Backer Boards

I used to read some comic books when I was a kid (mostly Richy Rich - boy, what I would have given to live that life!), but had no idea what a comic book board was. Now I know it's a piece of thick cardstock-like acid free paper that collectors use to help maintain the shape of the comic book. Like these here on Amazon.

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Every single yard of my fabrics is wrapped on the boards. I wouldn't keep my fabrics organized any other way.

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You can find the step-by-step how to tutorial for wrapping, storing, and organizing your fabric stash on comic book backer boards right here:

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