Monday, August 17, 2015

Closer to 50

Respond to every call that excites your spirit. ~rumi

I guess that's what I'm doing with this 50 by 50 list I've been working on. My 50th birthday has passed but my list of new experiences continues. In the past few months I have completed quite a bit:

Swim in the ocean
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Fly in a helicopter
Travel to Iceland
Learn to snorkel
Go zip lining
Ride in an outrigger canoe
Overcome fear of lizards
See the Cabo Arch
Take a long distance train trip
Ride a mule
See the Hollywood sign
Ride a Ferris wheel
Ride in a zodiac raft
Have acupuncture
Ride a Hobie cat
See the Northern Lights
Lie on a hammock on a beach
See a ballet
Visit an orphanage 
Try stand up paddleboarding
Visit Mayan ruins
Foster kittens
Swim with dolphins
Swim with stingrays
Ride a bicycle
See a Shakespeare play
Hold an alligator
Ride in an airboat 
Learn to paint
Join the YMCA
Try Reiki
See a sunset over Greenland
Be able to cross my legs
Walk in the Muir Woods
Feed iguanas
Fly without a seatbelt extended
Go sailing
Walk on the Wall of Fame
Do a 5K

Today's picture is proof of the Y. Who is crazy enough to show up at 5 AM and spend the next two hours working out?  It may be crazy but it's worth it to walk out to a pretty sunrise.