Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Puerto Vallarta

It's 40 degrees and rainy in Marsing, Idaho. It's 82 degrees in Puerto Vallarta.

Where would you rather be? Yeah, us too. But our vacation is over. Time to get back to work and back to reality. We never visited Puerto Vallarta on this trip. It wasn't even on our scheduled stops. Heck, I don't even know where Puerto Vallarta is. 

But our luggage does. 

When we got off the plane last night and went to pick up the luggage our bag was a no-show. Come to find out that despite being tagged for the Boise airport, a baggage handler in Los Angeles put it on a flight to Puerto Vallarta. And that is where it sits right now.

It sits there with our toiletries, our clothing, my swimsuit, my walking poles, our jackets. Without us.

Thankfully the airline will reimburse us for some costs until the bag arrives. Being that our vacation was 10 days long we had pretty much packed every undergarment we had. A visit to Walmart is allowing hubby to wear clean underwear, me not to have to share his men's deodorant, and us to have fresh breath. If the luggage doesn't show up pretty soon I may be shopping for a new swimsuit. Since I logged over 13 hours in the pool this past trip I want to keep going.

How can I not when my weight loss is looking like this? 72 pounds as of today.