Wednesday, April 16, 2014

High Altitude is Bad

Last night on the treadmill I was dragging. It was a very hard workout where I couldn't hardly catch my breath. I kept thinking it was just because I had a long day so I pushed through all 45 minutes. When I went to the pool, I couldn't swim as many laps as I usually do - I really noticed my lungs were struggling.

But it wasn't until this morning when I had to keep taking rest breaks while getting ready for my meeting, particularly when I had to lean over the sink to brush my teeth (and catch my breath), did it make sense.

It's the altitude. While being home and at work and in Boise my lungs have improved dramatically. But in this almost 6,000 foot altitude in Sun Valley it's obvious the lungs aren't so perfect. Darn.

Guess I needed a wake up call. Remember, Deb, you're not Superwoman. So no more treadmill while I'm here. And walking to my meetings? Not all that fun. And to think I purposely left my scooter home for the first time in a year.

Something else bad? Cheese sticks that have been to Los Angeles, sidetracked to Puerto Vallarta to Minneapolis to Boise to Marsing, then to San Antonio to Marsing to Sun Valley. They don't make for a very good snack. Now they are traveling to the trash.

Something that could potentially be worse? Not getting to spend time swimming. Come on, lungs. Hang in there.