Monday, March 24, 2014

Gonna be Sore

When I think of Santa Barbara I think of sunshine. When hubby thinks of Santa Barbara he thinks of a soap opera. (I guess there used to be one called Santa Barbara?)

Today we got neither one. We did get fog and clouds. With the weather being as it was we opted to stay on the ship. But we did keep busy. We got a seal outside our balcony before breakfast. 

We got in a nice long walk around the Promenade deck. Did you know that sometimes a cruise ship is parked out in the water and not alongside a dock? When that's the case the survival craft (life boats) shuttle passengers back and forth to town. 
And when the cruise ship is sitting out in that water, it drifts a bit. Check out my silly looking walk I took this morning. Trust me, it was the ship's fault this time.
And then came the swim. In the adults-only quiet pool at the back of the ship. The pool I spent two hours in, walking and swimming. Forwards, backwards, sideways. Not once during those two hours did I stop. Just kept a-movin'. Bet I'll be pretty darn sore in the morning.