Friday, February 7, 2014

Senior Project

High school students in Idaho are required to complete a Senior Project in order to graduate. At my husband's school that project is career-based. Students research a career, secure a mentor, and spend time working in that particular field. Hubby is the one that runs the projects for his district and I was able to benefit today because of it.

About this time of year students come to him and need more service hours or another mentor. One gal was getting tired of practicing her skill on the same members of her family and was looking for others who might want her services. He signed me up.

So this afternoon while the snow fell and I sat in my recliner, the high school senior came over and worked on my feet. What was she doing?


I've had my feet massaged the one time I had a pedicure, but this was different. I sat there as she pushed and rubbed and stretched and pulled, all the while describing the different parts of my body that are reached through my feet. It was quite nice. (Probably the first time I didn't get a bit ticked at hubby for signing me up for something!)

The only downside was that I didn't want to get out of my chair afterwards. Three hours later I finally moved and found out it is still snowing. (Thanks for sending it our way, Lisa.)