Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 902

Selling on eBay is good because you make money off your clutter.

Selling on eBay is bad because you have to make frequent trips to the post office.

Making frequent trips to the post office is good because Alejandra's is about 10 steps away.

Being close to Alejandra's is bad because we're getting near the end of eating through the menu.

Being near the end of the menu is good because then we'll get to go back and eat some of the items that were our favorite.

Getting to eat some of the items that were our favorites is bad because there were too many to choose from.

Just look at today's choice. Fajita steak. Covered in peppers, onions, and melted cheese. Yum.

But look at that other picture that looks like a white rope. The bottom of the "rope" is the steak and the top of the "rope" is my fork. But it isn't a rope. It's the melted cheese. Have you ever seen anything like that?!