Friday, May 13, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - The Only Day That Matters

Being that I've been working from home these last couple years and am my own boss, I have some flexibility in the hours I work each day. But since I work seven days a week, I lose track of which day is which. A Saturday can feel like a Wednesday and a Friday can feel like a Monday. 

But no more. Because today we are back to celebrating the best day of the week, Foster Kitten Friday. Yep, I have new foster kitties!

Three little ones came to me at just one day old, with umbilical cords still attached. Unfortunately, just like the newborn kittens who joined me back in November, one of my new kittens didn't survive. She quickly fell ill on Mother's Day and there wasn't much to do but keep her warm and love on her and talk to her until she passed. Thankfully her brother - and another kitty from another litter - are both still with us.

So say hello to my little girl, McKinley...

and to my little boy, Denali.

Their eyes are still sealed shut, and at just a week old today they'll continue to be bottle fed for quite some time. Right now we're at every two hours around the clock. Having to wake up so much not only has me confused about what day it is, but I'm starting to get my days and nights confused, too. Come on, three hour feedings!

No matter how little sleep I get, it's going to be worth it. They've put Fridays back on the map and have brought a love fest to our home - and to each other. 
A start of a beautiful friendship.
Happy the-first-of-many Foster Kitten Fridays!

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Digital PDF Sewing Patterns You Can Print at Home

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