Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Vintage Dick and Jane Fabrics

Goodbye, Dick and Jane.

It's been almost 10 years to the day that I excitedly shared right here on this blog about my fond memories of learning to read with Dick and Jane and of the excitement of my just-purchased Dick and Jane fabrics. I used those fabrics and some others I picked up along the way to recover lampshades, make window valances, a camera bag, and refrigerator magnets. I had great plans to make a tote bag. A quilt. A sewing machine cover.

But those great plans never materialized. And times have changed, and so have I. But it's still with a bit of a sad face that I've decided to sell off my expensive vintage Dick and Jane fabrics. 

So goodbye to Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot and Puff. Hopefully one of you will be happy to welcome them into your homes and love them like I did. You can find them for sale in my Etsy store right now. 

Please give them the love they truly deserve.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Homemade Stuffed Fabric Bunny Rabbits for Easter - Tutorial Tuesday

Looking for another fun fabric sewing or crafting idea to decorate your home for the Easter holiday? We had the fabric Easter eggs last week and the fabric carrots the week before and now for today's Tutorial Tuesday project we're making these homemade fabric bunny rabbits. They go together pretty darn fast so you'll be able to sew up a "fluffle" of bunnies in no time!

For this project you will need:
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Easter Bunny Rabbit fabric garland

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