Friday, September 4, 2020

Foster Kitten Friday

Foster Friday is baacckk! 

After a month of no foster kitties in the house, we are finally back with some new babies from Simply Cats. And boy, what a wild ride this bunch is going to be taking me you and me on.

Let's get right to the introductions...

Tabby girl #1 will be heading into a different foster household next week. She hasn't been named yet because we'll let the new foster parents pick out the perfect one for her. In the meantime lucky me gets to love on her - name or no name.

Tabby Girl #2 AKA Cutie Patootie #2 is also heading out next week. Check out the sweet little white marking on her nose.

If you've been watching the Yellowstone TV series with Kevin Costner you'll recognize the names of the rest of the kittens who will be staying with me these next few weeks. 

Let me introduce you to the Yellowstone kitties...

First up, we have Beth. Beth is a quick little gal. When I brought her home and was moving her from the cat carrier to the pop up pen (it's like a playpen but for animals, like this one here on Amazon), she ran straight up the side, over the top, sped across the floor, and darted behind the couch. It required some creative furniture moving to finally retrieve her. She's now settling in nicely and hasn't even attempted any prison escapes in the last couple days. And just like Beth on the TV show, she's got some spunk.
If we have a Beth, we need to have a Rip. He's a tough guy on the show and a tough guy in this little kitty body. What a great pair the two would make, don't ya think? 
And finally we have one representing the Yellowstone family ranch. A fierce little gal named Dutton. Tough-as-nails, fiery and feisty, and one who defends all territory belonging to her. Or even any territory around her. Just look at that stare. It's about all you'll get from this little Dutton kitty right now. You'll also get big hisses and scratches and lunges. 
To get her more comfortable I've pulled out some of my Jackson Galaxy tricks. The long spoon of food is coming in handy and I can now get a bit closer before the hissing starts.
It's a strange little hiss. You know when you go to the eye doctor and they do the test where they blow a puff of air in your eye so they can test your eye's pressure? The one making the PFFFT sound that makes you jump, no matter how prepared you are for it? Dutton's hiss sounds just like it. A few more days of this hissing and I'll be acing that eye test.

Want to help contribute to the work I do with foster kittens? I have an Amazon wish list right here. These are the things I use again and again, year after year. With daily laundry and frequent cleaning, items have to be replaced often. I’d love anything you’d be willing to send my way!

Speaking of eyes, these little babies require eye medicine twice a day. I've perfected my eye-ointment application procedure with four of the five. No squirms or flinches or cries (from any of us!). I do have to wrap poor little Dutton like a burrito to get hers in. But look at those eyes - I just know there is a sweet soul in that fierce little body. And I know I'm going to be able to find it.
I'm excited to have new babies around, and excited for the new challenge.

Even more excitement? I found out Parsley and Rosemary, a couple of my last Simon & Garfunkel fosters, were in at Simply Cats this week to get their shots. And they were even kind enough to send me pictures. (Thanks, Tara!)

Remember when Parsley came to me at a mere nine ounces?
Not anymore. Look at the five pound girl now. It's amazing how their looks change over time.
Little camera-hog Rosemary? 
I think getting a shot made her a bit more camera shy.
Now that's what I call a full Foster Friday. Come on back next week to see what happens on the next episode of Yellowstone, the foster kitten edition!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Mason Jar Apple - Tutorial Tuesday

Fall is almost upon us and school (is? isn't?) in session so it's time for an apple project. It might make a great gift for a teacher. If your kids are attending school this year, that is.
Apple Candy and Treat Jar Made from a Canning Jar

For this project you will need:

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You can find the directions for the canning jar apple craft project right here, but be sure to watch the video all the way through. I give you a HUGE tip about what not to do!