Friday, January 18, 2019

The Friday 15

The other day I was going all KonMari on my daughter as I was helping her organize and tidy her den. (So proud of kiddo - six big garbage bags of things left their home!) As I was working with her as she culled her books, it occurred to me I had forgotten about some books at my own home.

Just a couple weeks ago I bragged about going from all these books and bookshelves:
down to just these few books:

But I forgot about all my kids books and teaching materials. When I left the classroom years ago I got rid of hundreds and hundreds of books. But I kept a couple containers of books and materials. Things I thought would come in handy someday when I had grandkids. 

Well, no grandkids yet. And a realization that even if and when grandkids arrive, I really didn't need everything I had kept. So the other night after hubby had gone to bed I went through the closet and the containers. I did keep a few things (can't get rid of that set of Dr. Seuss books - that's an order from my daughter), but I can happily report today's Friday 15 is actually a Friday 101. Yep, 101 books and materials that had been important to me over the last 30 years will no longer be mine. 

I just noticed something about the picture. Since less stuff = simpler life = more free time it seems pretty ironic that the last book I put in the stack was Teacher Tested Timesavers.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Make Fabric Covered Buttons and Magnets - Tutorial Tuesday Flashback

In the spirit of simplicity I'm continuing to offer up some of my simple crafting projects from the past. Today's video is from my first official Tutorial Tuesday on August 2, 2011. Back then I could never have predicted that more than 36,000 people would be interested in this project.

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Click on the step-by-step tutorial video and learn how to make your own homemade fabric covered buttons and magnets.