Friday, August 14, 2015

Catching Up

You'd think I'd have a good excuse (or multiple excuses) as to why I haven't being keeping up on the blog. But I don't. Call it lazy, call it...well, just plain lazy. I've been keeping up on the pictures. Been taking one almost every day. Except the writing hasn't followed. It takes brain power to write and quite frankly my brain power has been lacking lately.

So here's the what's been going on the last few months scoop.

It has been a summer of mostly non-travel. Sticking around home. Building relationships with others. Buying a bike and riding it. Doing home improvement projects. Fostering baby kitties. Quilting quilts for kids' charities. Hanging out with hubby who is now on disability. Deciding to go back to work, even though I was pretty confident I would quit and never return. Joining the YMCA. Learning to paint. Gardening. Going to baseball games. Turning 50. Still working on my 50 by 50 list, those 50 new things I wanted to do before I turned 50.

And here's a slew of pictures I've been holding on to. Some have made it to Instagram and Twitter, a place of very few words.

Guess it's time for me to find my brain power and fire this thing up again.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Daughter the Tour Guide

My daughter tagged along on one of my most recent Mexico adventures and became my fact-filled Mayan ruins tour guide.

We got on the ferry for a 40 minute ride from the island to the mainland. We walked another half a mile or so to catch our tour bus. An hour's drive later we arrived at the Tulum Ruins. All along the way the tour guide told stories of the Mayans.

I should mention I am totally clueless when it comes to history of any kind. You’d think being married to a history teacher my knowledge and/or interest would be high. Nope. Obviously our daughter picked up her dad’s history genes because all the way to the ruins did she not only quiz me on Mayan culture and history, she gave me a lesson. Multiple lessons. There is no doubt in my mind that she could have assumed the tour guide role right there and then on that bus.

Between the lessons of the tour guide and the lessons of my daughter that day I certainly felt “schooled”. But my lackluster interest in history left me confused – there was so much new information! (I did learn that our calendar is based on the Mayan calendar.) Geez, I’m a sorry example of a history student.

Even my pictures from the day reflected my disinterest in history. There we were at the Tulum Ruins in Mexico and most of my pictures were of the iguanas all over the place.

Sorry, kiddo. You were an amazing tour guide but I’m a terrible (history) student. I can take the pictures, though!