Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Adventure Soft as a Baby’s Bum

I imagine there aren't many adventures that could be described as soft as a baby’s bum. But there are such adventures and I had two of them in one day.

What could they be? One was on my 50 by 50 list; the other wasn’t but it was such an amazing experience I just have to count it.

Clue #1: They both happened in the Cayman Islands.
Clue #2: The first adventure happened when I jumped into water that looked like this:

Clue #3: I wore my snorkel for this first adventure.

Clue #4: I touched an animal. (Here’s the picture to prove it.)

Clue #5: That animal’s underside looks like this:
The first adventure? How about snorkeling with stingrays? Their skin was so soft, just like a baby’s bum.

The second adventure also included an animal and swimming but no snorkel. It did include kissing.

Soft as a baby bum’s dolphin swim and kiss.
What a day. What a life.

Creepy Crawlies

I'm not sure what I did to get all these creepy crawlies around me, but every time I turned around in Florida something was close by. From a multitude of lizards to a dragonfly on my iced tea outside Cracker Barrel to the love bugs, it was clear I was not alone. Thank goodness I'm not fearful of lizards anymore!