Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 851

You could say Portland, Oregon is an interesting town. A town full of interesting people.

Portland Saturday Market - held on Sundays too - is a great place for people watching. And music listening. And food eating. We did all of the above.

Music listening and people watching.
I thought food eating was going to happen when I stood (sat on my scooter, that is) in the long line here:
And picked up an apple fritter for me:
But hubby had another idea for his doughnut. When I found him sitting in the shade and gave him a Mango Tango doughnut he had already started on his own unique lunch combination.
A dark beer, a plate of fries, and a mango-filled doughnut. 

Guess I'm married to one of the interesting Portland people.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 850

Every day just gets better for Scooter.

First she stopped at the Forest Service office and ran into Smokey the Bear.

She then found a suspension bridge behind the building. Too wide and secure to invoke much fear.

While on the suspension bridge she caught several butterflies frolicking.

Scooter then made a stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Where she shared some of the factory's tasty ice cream with Deb and Ed.

She then discovered a view of Rockaway Beach.

And ran across a Pirate Festival where Captain Jack Sparrow took her for a ride.

She watched Ed collect seashells at Cannon Beach.

Quite a spectacular day.