Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 672

He did it! He left the house at 6:20 AM and returned at 4 PM. Hubby, after being so, so, sick has made it back to school.

His first stop after heading in the door? Off with the tie, off with the shoes, and into the warm bed for a nap. One day down.

I couldn't figure out what to do with the extra time by myself. Sew? Bake? Clean? I mostly sat in the recliner and watched the snow fall, then when the sun broke through found my way to the bed for a little rest. I did spend a teeny tiny bit of time sewing my next project, a snowman table runner.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 671

If I wasn't so worried about what people thought of me I would have taken a picture of vodka bottles today. Not from a New Year's party and not from me or anyone I know.

From the water heater.

We spent this morning with the inspector at the new place in Boise. He called us to the back bedroom to show us where the water heater was - in the back of the closet, behind a panel. When you look at the closet it looks normal, but when you remove the panel, voila! There is a water heater.

And two empty bottles of vodka.

Guess someone living there must have had a drinking problem. A big enough problem to hide their bottles behind a panel in the closet. I so wanted to take a picture but was too afraid in front of the inspector, the agent and her husband, and my mom to go grab my camera and take a picture of the comical sight.

I instead found an even better picture when I stopped by to see my daughter. The fine snowflakes falling on her jacket were beautiful. This snow's for you, Lisa!