Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 425

It's working. The call I got from the rheumatologist's office confirmed it.

My inflammation numbers are down. Both tests, both numbers. The results are still way too high, but they are down. All without any arthritis medications.

Woo hoo! is all I can say. Might as well celebrate with a big glass of juice. And some sewing.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 424

Last year on Day 60 my husband forced me to go outside and I took a picture of our bleeding hearts. Here, today, almost a year exactly to that day I didn't have to be forced to go outside. I went willingly.

We planted potatoes and cleaned up some weeds. After working outside I sat in the shade of our patio and looked over at our bleeding hearts, thinking about last year. About how much has changed. About how I couldn't have predicted where I am now.

And even about how I look at things so much differently now than I did then. It seems to be more about the details nowadays, details I would have missed in the past.

Like with the bleeding hearts. Guess I never noticed that the same plant can have a different look depending on how much the bloom has opened. And that they really do look like a heart.