Friday, May 27, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - Summer in Alaska

It was exactly four years ago this week when we stayed outside Talkeetna, Alaska in this cabin.

As I wrote about on the blog that day, we decided to mosey into town to grab some breakfast and ran into this beauty.

That would be Denali. Formally know as Mt. McKinley. Most people who travel to Alaska never get to see the mountain as it is usually shrouded in clouds. But somehow we lucked out.

And this year I've lucked out as well. Although I'm not in Alaska, I still get to see my own Denali and McKinley. 

I get to bottle feed them.
McKinley thinks it's yummy.

I get to teach them how to use the litter box. Denali wants to figure it out, except the boy thinks he's supposed to eat the litter instead.

I get to watch them learn how to wrestle.

And show off their bellies.

And learn how to become mountain climbers.

Yep, lucky me. Clouds or no clouds I get to see McKinley and Denali. Every. Single. Day.