Friday, January 11, 2019

The Friday 15

I'm an organizer. Anything I have in the house is placed just so. Straight lines, edges matching, labels facing out. I'm also a paper goods hoarder. I used to be, that is.

Just look at my basement from 2014.

While I don't hoard paper products anymore (don't have the space), I do tend to buy consumable items on sale in large quantities at rock bottom prices. I usually stick to tried and true brands but occasionally will branch out and try something new. Clearly this new brand of soap I purchased wasn't our favorite because look how many we still had that hadn't been used. It was almost enough to fill up my entire 15 for the week. My, oh, my.

I'm finally getting rid of them after way too long. How long have I had them? Well, here's the embarrassing part...I found my order from Amazon with a purchase date of June 2014. They've been sitting around here for four and a half years. Yikes!

No more though. Goodbye to 15 things that no longer serve a purpose!